Classic meets contemporary dress
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Classic meets contemporary dress

An interesting juxtaposition of contemporary styling posed with a classic look and heirloom-style furniture begged for a simple composition and a black and white production.

The bride was an artist and designer, and the day's styling showed off her creativity.

The wedding was held at Sunset Park in Fish Creek, with a boat tour on the Quo Vadis boat, back to their Sister Bay property for the outdoor gourmet buffet dinner and evening reception.

The dress was a perfect match for the warm and clear day, allowing the bride to move freely.

The "Dress Shot" is a traditional image that most bridges hope to capture. Often, however, location options are limited, especially in small, chaotic bride's rooms in hotels. A photo of a dress up against a hotel window or on a hotel closet door is...disappointing. It's a treat to find an environment like this one, where the surroundings are as interesting as the dress.

I have taken The Dress photos outdoors--there was a trend at one time for photos of the dress hanging in trees. Sometimes, thos are really great images. But I worry a bit about having the dress outside in the foliage before it is on the bride.

Maybe I worry too much. But, given the choice, I'd always pick a beautiful location like this, safely indoors.

Location: Sister Bay, Wisconsin.

1/125; f/4.0; ISO 800; 38.0 mm.