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Arch Silhouette

One of my favorite locations for engagement photos is on the Sturgeon Bay ship canal break wall. The pier has an overhead walkway (which was used in the winter to access the lighthouse at the end of the pier. The ice could make the walk impossible, hence the overhead walkway. While it was a practical device, back in the day, today it is a fantastic compositional element. And every time I head out to the break wall, I find a new way to use the dramatic architecture.

It depends on the day. The light, the clouds, the wind and waves...every time I go, the location is a bit different. So every session is a bit different.

This is one of my favorites. The clouds were not exactly spectacular, but, paired with the arched walkway, they became very picturesque. Especially with the great-looking couple who are silhouetted in the image.

I usually photograph the break wall from spring through autumn, but I'd love to do a winter session here. Icicles often hang from the structure, and the ice flows are very dramatic.

But, a beautiful autumn day, like this one, is a treat. On this day, it was wavy and atmospheric. It was one stop along the way during a multiple-stop engagement session. We also found blazing autumn leaves and a quiet beach.  

Location: 2501 Canal Road, Sturgeon Bay, WI.

1/500; f/14.0; ISO 320; 24.0 mm.