In the pouring rain
Heidi Hodges Photography
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In the pouring rain

Cell phone reception is spotty at best in Door County, and the rain storm wasn't helping. But his wonderful fellow had planned the time and location for me to be on the spot for his surprise marriage proposal. But, it didn't go down quite as planned! It was raining, and the fiancé-to-be wanted to get back in the care--not go to the scenic overview. What could he do? He called an audible, and proposed right there. Was it how he imagined? Probably not, but it was so much more memorable this way. After the proposal, we took a moment to greet one another, then we ran to our cars to wait out the rain, so we could get some fun shots of the two of them. This wasn't the first attempt at a proposal, either. They had tried earlier, and, she joked, she managed to thwart his plan then! they were both so sweet and cute--I'm so happy we were able to do this, despite the conditions. And, yes, She Said Yes! 

1/80; f/3.2; ISO 400; 70.0 mm.