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Ring of Love

It may be a cliché shot, but that's for good reason: it's a really neat photo.

The Scrabble pieces shot is a fun way to announce an engagement, and a nice illustration for "Save the Dates."

While I don't carry Scrabble pieces with me to photo shoots, I am happy to help couples who bring their own props.

This great couple was so much fun to work with. We had fantastic light at the Green Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, where we used the environment for a great variety of photos. Some of my favorites were on a bridge over the duck ponds--the light was absolutely gorgeous. And the two of them were so playful and sweet together, I had a ball working with them. As of this writing, I haven't photographed their wedding (it is coming up!) and I can't wait for the day!

When it comes to engagement photos, I try to give couples a variety of images, and I try to find something unique for each couple. It would be easy to have a format and formula, but I don't roll that way. Each session is a brand new opportunity, and I love finding something special and distinct for each couple.

Engagement sessions are a great way to get to meet one another, and work together prior to a wedding. So on the day of the big event, we can get right to work.

Location: 1660 E Shore Drive, Green Bay, WI.

1/320; f/4.0; ISO 250; 34.0 mm.