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fly away

A family walks down a water-swept pier at Murphy Park in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. At the end of the pier, geese are taking flight, making for a spectacular scene of reflection and action. The beautiful family carefully walked partway down, then returned, so as to not disturb the geese--some of which were returning to the pier. It's always exciting to get a photo like this, at a perfect moment. You know deep inside, it's the perfect image, one you'll go back to over and over, and that the client will love. Murphy Park is a beautiful location with many different options for photography, including a sand beach, lovely trees, a long and wide pier, a white fence, and a playground for kids who need a break from photos.

Location: 7119 Bay Shore Drive, Egg Harbor Wisconsin.

Keywords: candid (13), Egg harbor (14), family photography (17), Green Bay (6), Murphy Park (5), Wisconsin (64). 1/3200; f/4.5; ISO 320; 200.0 mm.