Resting on a Beech
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Resting on a Beech

This senior returned to his roots for a senior photo sesion, including the wooded back yard of his grandparents' home near Shivering Sands on the lakeshore. It was an incredibly atmospheric day, with hazy sunshine for a little while, followed by deep clouds that turned into an eerie calm...then a big storm rolled through. After the storm, the sun poked out again, and we continued with the photos in another location. I could have photographed this handsome young man all day! He was a great model, humble but confident. After all was said and done, the simplest photos turned out to be the most striking. And that may be the secret to photographing seniors: find a location they love and make sure they feel comfortable. I love senior photos that get to the soul of the student, without too much getting in the way. I'm not much into props or tons of post-production Photoshop work--although I know there is a place for that in Senior Photography. I just like finding a way to take a striking photo, with simple elements. Honestly, it's all about the eyes. And getting a good shot of the eyes--the window to the soul--means having a comfortable subject.

Location: Glidden Drive, Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin.

1/160; f/2.8; ISO 640; 98.0 mm.