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Strong as steel

Trying to find a location to capture a detail shot of the grooms' rings, I caught sight of the reception tent's stakes, wrapped in rope. It seemed the perfect metaphor for the event.

And the lighting was perfect as well, subtle yet dramatic.

The couple had waited many years to tie the knot. When the ban on gay marriage was lifted in Wisconsin, they decided to forge ahead. Already together for many years, this was a formality, but one they fought for.

The spring day was bright and warm, and we used the state's capitol building and surrounding area as a backdrop for many photos.

After the nice, long session, we headed to the couple's home--a great place with land surrounding a valley with a large pond, right in the city.

That's where the ceremony and reception took place, with stunning details, an jaw dropping array of food and lots of drink and merriment.

The emotional ceremony was followed by dinner with more emotional (and funny, too!) speeches.

Then, the dance, DJ'd by a friend of the couple.

They had a fantastic cake, too--topped with two superheroes.

The day was filled with lots of great moments, honest emotion and love. And a fair number of Mini Coopers--we actually started out photo session at a Madison dealership managed by one of the grooms.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin.

1/640; f/4.5; ISO 640; 70.0 mm.