Wedding beauty among the thorns
Heidi Hodges Photography
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Wedding beauty among the thorns

This one was special. I knew the bride since she was a toddler. Now living in Tucson, Arizona, she met her husband while working as an Emergency Medical Technician. The day of the wedding was perfect--warm but not hot, and, like most days in Tucson, dry and clear. After the short backyard wedding, the couple did photos in the area around the neighborhood, with scenic mesas, cactuses, and desert for a backdrop. We could have photographed for hours, but there wasn't much time for the session. I wanted to capture the grandeur of the area, by doing an environmental, wide-angle photo, with the couple smaller, embedded in the scenery.

Location: Tucson, Arizona.

Keywords: Arizona (2), cactus, casual posed photo (5), desert (2), scenic wedding photo, Tucson. 1/3200; f/5.6; ISO 1000; 38.0 mm.