Beams of Light
Heidi Hodges Photography

Beams of Light

Newly-married bride and groom sneak in a kiss while waiting for their Door County reception to start at the Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor, inside the renovated barn space on the property.

At sunset, light streams in from between the barnwood slats. There's a bit of timing involved--you have to catch it at the right moment. And it's different at different times of the year, as the sun's angle changes. You also need the weather to cooperate: if you get clouds, you don't get the sunbeams. When all the elements work out, it's a spectacular moment. And the lighting is unparalleled.

The Woodwalk's gallery barn area is perfect spot for a reception. Many weddings are held outdoors, on the beautiful grounds (there are several different options available.) There are so many places to take photos, it's hard to narrow it down! And just across Hwy G from the venue is a wooded area with trails, hills and valleys. If you plan a wedding here, make sure you allow enough time to capture some remarkable wedding images. 

Dinner is usually held in a tented area attached to the barn. And the reception and dancing in usually held in this area, pictured. Bands or a DJ can use the raised stage area, and there is a large area behind this photo where the dancing can go on all night.

When the Woodwalk is not set up for weddings, it's an art gallery.

Location: 6746 County Road G, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

1/125; f/3.5; ISO 400; 24.0 mm.