A bicycle built for one
Heidi Hodges Photography

A bicycle built for one

Catching those little unexpected moments is one of the most fun--and important--parts of wedding photography. Like this image, for instance. A groomsman found a loaner bicycle in front of the Newport Resort in Egg Harbor where family photos were to be taken before the wedding ceremony at a different location. While waiting for everyone to arrive, he jumped on the cute bike, and rode it around the front entrance and parking area, hamming it up, and helping everyone relax and laugh.

It's moments like this one that couples will remember and cherish from their day. Yes, family group photos are important, but it's very important to always be vigilant for the unexpected moments, too. As a former photojournalist, I am aware that the photo I should take may be behind me, and not in front of me.

Newport Resort is a fantastic place for the wedding party, friends and family to stay during a wedding weekend in Door County. The facility is immaculate with gorgeous views. And picturesque Egg Harbor, with restaurants, parks, quaint shops, and a marina, is just down the road--a short bicycle ride away from the resort.

Newport Resort is easy to find and most Door County wedding venues are only a few minutes away, so it's a perfect landing spot for families.

Location: 7888 church Street, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

1/500; f/3.2; ISO 200; 140.0 mm.