Cute bridesmaids
Heidi Hodges Photography

Cute bridesmaids

Sometimes, the best thing to do is stand back and let the bridal party pose. This sweet bridesmaid party struck this cute pose in the bride's parent's back yard in Sturgeon Bay. The yard was lush and gorgeous in the middle of summer, and there were so many options. This pose was a combination of "staged" and "spontaneous" with the bridesmaids talking with one another. When I captured this moment, I knew I had the winner.

The couple had an outdoor wedding on the shores of Sturgeon Bay, then proceeded to Potawatomi State Park for bridal party photos and photos of the bride and groom.

The reception was held at the CenterPointe Marina boat storage facility, which is actually a lot cooler than it sounds at first. The facility is large and bright. Very comfortable. The large doors--designed to let yachts inside, would be open on the warm evening, allowing in fresh air and summer breezes, and offering a view of the bay of Sturgeon Bay.

The facility was a few steps from the public park where the ceremony was held, and also the newest bridge in town. After the ceremony, we headed to the bridge for some dramatic sunset shots before the dance began.

Location: 215 Quincy Street, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

1/500; f/4.5; ISO 200; 38.0 mm.