Holding bride up
Heidi Hodges Photography

Holding bride up

It takes a wedding party to raise a bride.

OK, I admit it. I'm not normally a fan of the "wedding party holding the bride" photos. They often come off as awkward, and it's rarely a good position for the bride, for a photo. But in this instance, it was perfect. The wedding party was sweet and fun, the couple was adorable, and the light was magical. And the bride's shoes were pretty awesome, too--so this was a great way to see it all in one shot!

The wedding was outdoors in Green Bay, and the reception, where this photo was taken, was at Olde 41, a reception venue at a Green Bay Harley Davidson dealership. Outside was scenic riverfront, a rustic porch, and interesting art sculptures. It's a great place for any wedding reception. But if you love Harleys, then it's the Best Place to hold a reception.

The couple and I connected on the Internet business site Thumbtack. It was a great way to find one another. And, it was a great way to debut a new wedding photographer, James R. Byrd, who worked as a co-photographer with me at this wedding. We've since done several weddings together. James is building his own business in north, central and western Wisconsin, including the Twin Cities.

Location: 1966 Velp Ave, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

1/640; f/3.5; ISO 125; 170.0 mm.