Misty Bliss
Heidi Hodges Photography

Misty Bliss

There is a fragile beauty in a wedding day with rain. Perhaps not what you expected, but memorable and atmospheric. While we weren't out in the rain for this photo--the storm had passed, and the effects were added later, in post-production of the images--this had the subdued feel. It was exactly the image I was seeking, to show the depth of the day. The ceremony was heartfelt, the emotions were real and the people gathered were full of love for this beautiful couple. The location, Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor is one of my favorite event locations. The rustic feel of an aged barn is combined with the elegance of an art gallery. Gallery work is moved aside, and the floor is ready for a reception. Dinners are usually held in a tented area attached to the barn. Ceremonies can be inside or out (this one was a little of both, because the storm drove the wedding party and guest back indoors.)

Location: 6746 County Road G, Egg Harbor, WI.

1/1250; f/4.0; ISO 800; 140.0 mm.