St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Chicago
Heidi Hodges Photography

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Chicago

The blue and gold interior of St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Chicago, Illinois is, hands down, one of the most gorgeous churches in the country. I was privileged to photograph a beautiful 50th-anniversary vow renewal there one spring. It was especially beautiful since I had been on hand to capture this family's son's vow renewal in Door County. The anniversary couple here had originally married in very a simple ceremony--and the family posted framed photos at the reception of that special day from a half century ago. The whole day was exceptional, with a depth of feeling and love you don't often get to witness. But the most exceptional moment for me was walking into this church. I've seen churches in Europe--a place known for ornate and beautiful architecture and interior decorations (think Michelangelo) But this church rivals all of them. It was breathtaking. And I worked hard to capture the majesty of interior--the soaring ceilings, the spectacular blue and all the architecture. This has been the family's church for decades, and it was a beautiful way to celebrate a 50th anniversary event. After the ceremony (in Spanish) the family gathered at a local reception venue for a spectacular meal of tenderloin and Mariachi music, and, after the dinner, desserts and a fun dance.   

Location: 1429 W. Wellington Ave. Chicago, Illinois.