There she is!
Heidi Hodges Photography

There she is!

A proud groom looks on while his new wife poses for photos.

The couple had their outdoor wedding in Sturgeon Bay, right alongside the bay, and then a short walk to the Centerpointe marina boat storage facility on Quincy Street for their reception that included an elaborate taco bar for dinner (which was amazing!)

The Centerpointe Marina is a great (and unexpected) place for a wedding reception. The space is big and bright, and the large doors open to a view of the bay of Sturgeon Bay. The waterfront is a short walk away, so guests can come and go during the night, strolling along the bayside. 

The couple's dancing and outdoor games lasted until late. An added bonus: a next door party included fireworks, so the wedding party and guests were able to step out into the warm evening air to watch the unexpected display. This wedding was special--I knew many of the friends and family and was honored they would ask me to be able to capture this special day. Seeing old friends and colleagues made the day seem so much more personal. The couple's parents, grandparents, their many familiar faces. And best of all, the couple themselves were the most sincere, down-to-earth people.

We had the best weather, ever. Warm and sunny all day and night.

Location: 215 Quincy Street, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

1/400; f/2.8; ISO 200; 135.0 mm.