View from above
Heidi Hodges Photography

View from above

Potawatomi State Park was this couple's destination after their emotional wedding Calvary United Methodist Church in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. The couple chartered a small bus and headed for the picturesque state park just south of Sturgeon Bay in Door County.

The leaves were just beginning to change, the day was gloriously warm, and the couple absolutely adorable. It's not always an easy climb, especially in heels, but the couple and their entire large bridal party made the ascent.

Because of structural issues, Peninsula State Park's Eagle Tower was removed in 2016. Plans are in place to replace the historic structure. In the meanwhile, the Potawatomi Park tower remains, and the view is equally gorgeous, overlooking a brilliant blue bay, and picturesque small islands.

After the tower, we headed to the old ski hill that overlooks a valley. the sun was blazing overhead, but we found a way to work with the light, and then, we turned around and found the best scene ever, in the middle of the sparkly-used park road. Sunbeams glowed on the colorful trees--so we changed out game plan and used the woods for photos.

After the park visit, we headed to Stone Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay for the reception where the couple enjoyed heartfelt toasts, a great meal and dancing late into the night. 

Location: 3740 Park Drive, Sturgeon Bay, WI.

1/8000; f/3.2; ISO 400; 24.0 mm.