Winter Wedding
Heidi Hodges Photography

Winter Wedding

It was the day after New Years, and pretty nippy outside! But this wonderful couple was willing to tough it out for some tremendous night images just outside the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. The Christmas lights were still out, spread across the roads and avenues, fresh snow was sprinkled along the sidewalk sides and there was a festive atmosphere everywhere. The "I Do"s were said, the family photos could you not be happy? Behind the camera was my assistant, getting the light just right on the bridal couple. This wedding was special--I had photographed the bride's brother's wedding just the year before, and felt a tremendous connection to the family. When the bride asked me to capture her event, I was more than honored. One of my favorite things to do with downtown Milwaukee weddings is night portraits with the surrounding architecture and environment. So many beautiful, old buildings in the Cream City--juxtaposed with the new ones. Add some festive lights, and you can't miss. We had to climb over a few icy drifts to make the photo work, but once we found the right spot, it was perfect! Give props to a bride who is willing to brave it outside in the winter, in a sleeveless dress (which she absolutely rocked!)

Location: 424 E. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI.

1/125; f/4.0; ISO 6400; 24.0 mm.