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You've waited a long time for this! Years of homework, tests and getting to class on time. Maybe evenings in sports practice. Maybe long hours practicing an instrument or rehearsing for the school musical. Reading, writing, 'rithmatic.  Years of work and friendship drama, and, yes, of course, a lot of fun.

And it is almost over.

This photo will say it all. After everything else: This is who I became.

Senior photos have evolved since the 80s and 90s when they were just another school picture--one with a little nicer clothes and a little fancier backdrop.

Today, seniors are using their photo session to make a statement.

With outfit choices and meaningful locations, seniors have turned the world of senior photography on its head. It's not a portrait, it's a declaration to the world.

Door County is a fantastic choice for senior photos. With a variety of gorgeous, rural or rugged landscapes to choose from--and a bit of urban (I know where to find it!)--seniors have a lot of choices.

So many have grown up visiting Door County and have a deep personal relationship with the place. It has a way of getting into your soul, doesn't it?

But in the end, the scenery isn't as important as having a photographer who understands. While I was a kid of the 80s, I was no fan of the old-fashioned senior portrait. That's why I started my business--I wanted to provide folks with a bit more depth. I work to do this in senior sessions, family sessions and weddings.

So I dig a little deeper, and look a little further in, to get to the soul of the image.

There are a lot of choices for senior photography, and the choice may not be easy. I do a limited number of sessions--I'm not a factory, and you are not a number.


A girl's best friend! Hannah wanted one senior photo with her dog Samantha. We met at her grandparent's home along the shores of Sturgeon Bay, with rocky shore, a sandy strand, woods and a shaded, grassy field. It was like it was designed for a senior photo session! She was able to do several quick outfit changes, including this one for photos on the beach and with her dog, and a series with her letter jacket--for softball. The final package is a diverse look at this strong, beautiful senior. Best of all, it wasn't hard to coax the personality out of her, with each outfit change. It was like getting to photograph a different person each time!

Location: Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin.

1/1600; f/3.2; ISO 250; 145.0 mm.