1. Steel Bridge Lights
  2. Misty Bliss
  3. Overview
  4. Sunset reception
  5. Together in Love
  6. War Birds
  7. St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Chicago
  8. Pfister Dress
  9. Autumn Ivy
  10. View from above
  11. New Years Eve wedding
  12. Winter Wedding
  13. Oh Captain My Captain
  14. Hazy Summer Wedding Party
  15. Light Trails
  16. Hot in the City
  17. Shying away
  18. Holding bride up
  19. Cute bridesmaids
  20. City lights
  21. Vows under the clouds
  22. Beams of Light
  23. There she is!
  24. Pining for you
  25. Here's looking at you, kid
  26. Iron Bolts
  27. Classic meets contemporary dress
  28. Mom lends a voice
  29. A bicycle built for one
  30. Taking off
  31. Strong as steel
  32. Sky's the limit
  33. Old Time Rock and Roll
  34. Just Married
  35. Sunset Bride
  36. jmmtil50ofs
  37. vaxq54lf3j4
  38. t4wjg3kecf2
  39. l4lcswaox1l
  40. 4dwgqnaxzgu
  41. n3otkdsbefh
  42. cexhcphpfkv
  43. dhmrufigthw
  44. mgkyk0veqpo
  45. Waiting on the Rails
  46. c2ibxsdz45q
  47. lyvdy0x4o5b
  48. zmbzftfbxda
  49. So in Love With You
  50. og4111ieiun
  51. November Sunset
  52. Anticipation
  53. Bridge Walk
  54. Lighthouse Love
  55. ncdcmeodjtn
  56. yz0poueytmw
  57. Old meets New
  58. fe3t4nxaxrr
  59. nl5r2nxq2sb
  60. The Groom
  61. The Recessional
  62. jraesviqras
  63. The Party
  64. kwm4c455hce
  65. Groom alone
  66. p0gdqqsvops
  67. Fireworks at Dusk
  68. You Say it Best When You Say Nothing At All
  69. edhakdhdl1m
  70. The Path to Love
  71. Love at the Abbey
  72. Four Alarm
  73. With Love from Russia
  74. Mona Lisa Bride
  75. nv3rowuzvuj
  76. Hores
  77. Five minutes of Light
  78. Winter Wonderland
  79. Love on the Dock
  80. on55ocbgu1q
  81. Ring bearer prep
  82. qyx2wxzk01f
  83. Jump for Joy
  84. sbibouuwqaa
  85. Grooms
  86. Fix You Up
  87. Waiting
  88. xncsf5aqle2
  89. Heirloom
  90. Blue Shoes
  91. d4ngd4bj05h
  92. nm4e4v3n25c
  93. ogfregko3xh
  94. Unexepcted Laugh
  95. pab4bhar10y
  96. wlvocf1104o
  97. A moment alone
  98. The Dip
  99. Cave Point Couple
  100. gupe5chcgft
  101. Tugging on my Heart
  102. nmxe2oufd42
  103. h24mfwibfj4
  104. ed32v0ojfdg
  105. Stone Harbor Superheros
  106. v5ga435gntx
  107. Moments Before
  108. rkig1kshrkh
  109. krcnswiteyl
  110. fxim2jgs2v5
  111. y5vmc5z1th0
  112. b2huzafea2w
  113. mw2hhtpagna
  114. ottdf0his3n
  115. Midnight Love
  116. Dunes I Do
  117. nuo2dzbtu5k
  118. Burning Love
  119. tbwx03ifx5k
  120. lnv0nsjltth
  121. n0i3kb2n0wg
  122. efe1dq3cbot
  123. Sparkler Exit
  124. 1imqn22qp30
  125. ax0m042y32p
  126. Classic Wedding
  127. I'll Take Your Hand in Marriage
  128. And They're Off!
  129. vs2zydvy0um
  130. bzl0ilv4dvl
  131. pxkcyzzsx32
  132. 1rna11md3yb
  133. United Together
  134. jozuka4otp5
  135. The Bouquet
  136. hnvpwe4v5ot
  137. t0sjrcyfj5p
  138. it0thqlyrgo
  139. xu4tpuhczhm
  140. I got it!
  141. iurxtjxchmc
  142. olbr2i1sdjh
  143. fsg0mj5uwiq
  144. I Do, on the Deck
  145. gf1frrh2tqv
  146. Cave Point "I Do"s
  147. 31ximcn4evw
  148. You are mine
  149. duuq0k2qd3b
  150. cdvi4frxpaj
  151. cm2cpwabyhx
  152. Rothschild Wedding
  153. Dusky love
  154. gviei1nus0p
  155. x3qk40bavlt
  156. bridal prep
  157. idee2fonj44
  158. cnwmargnbv3
  159. u3lganxqi1g
  160. dofrabrtvrp
  161. ujnnd4lf0bg
  162. Love among the Fishes
  163. e4vrpa4x5dm
  164. pvt1dxtihnk
  165. olsdyoq5vsi
  166. vs3xwalovjm
  167. wjqtvkxgmap
  168. Selfie
  169. hn5xkjnt44p
  170. Shhh, little one
  171. gfbrpbvs0eq
  172. h2ze54wemuv
  173. Little country church
  174. Baby It's Cold Outside
Weddings Engagements Family Portraits Senior Portraits Sports and More Pricing About Me Contact Birch Creek Music Academy

Welcome to Heidi Hodges Photography! Heidi Hodges, Door County wedding photographer serving Sturgeon Bay, Egg Harbor, Sister Bay, Fish Creek, Baileys Harbor, Ellison Bay, Washington Island, Jacksonport and Ephraim.

I also serve Milwaukee and Madison, as well as points in between, and am available to travel. I LOVE to travel! (But Door County is so beautiful, I totally understand why you are coming here to get married!)

My style is vibrant documentary with fun, modern posing and memorable candid photography. I worked for 13 years as a full-time photojournalist. With a degree in photography and journalism, I bring authentic photojournalism experience.

I stay away from trendy images that will look dated in a few years. I want to provide you with solid, beautiful, emotional memories that will stand up through time.

I seek honest emotion, beautiful light and all the special moments. And when it comes to posing, I try to keep it fun and moving along.

I am comprehensive, from the "getting ready" part of the day, to capturing all your details, to the whooping and hollering fun of the reception. Your photo package will be an emotional documentary--perfect for a modern lay-flat, story-telling photo album. And don't forget the prints!

I work with the highest end gear and post-processing capabilities. I work with one of the finest labs in the nation to bring you high-quality photo albums. I'm fully insured, a member of Professional Photographers Association and Fearless Photographers, and an award winning past member of Wisconsin Press Photographers Assocation and National Federation of Press Women. I've also been recently honored with awards from the Wisconsin Newspaper Association and the National Newspaper Association.

I moonlight as the editor of Door County Magazine, and work as its chief photographer, in addition. For fun, I freelance sports photographer and write a column for the local paper.

I'm a mom to two teenage boys, both with a love for photography.

And I love spending my life in Door County--and enjoying everything this magnificent place has to offer!

It's a perfect place for a wedding. Besides the gorgeous scenery, the county is well known for its robust wedding industry, with top notch restaurants, caterers, florists and bands. And usually for a fraction of the cost of a big-city event.